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A letter from a heart mum to Shaun White.

Dear Shaun White,
We watched you on TV,  your winning run before claiming your gold medal.
Earlier in the day I had shown my son some pictures of you in action.
Of you receiving your medals. I turned to him and told him that you too, had the same "special heart" as him.
He looked up at me and back at the photo of you on the half pipe flying upside down through the air.
I told him you were proof he could be anything he wanted to be, he could do whatever he wanted to.
You may not feel a role model to other Tetralogy of Fallot sufferers but you are. Especially to us.
I will never forget three years ago when sitting in a hospital bed down the corridor from my son who was fighting for his life in NICU. We were told Elijah had TOF.
They didn't know if he would survive. He needed surgery, he may have future complications.
I hadn't even heard of CHD but it was the life sentence that had just been handed to my son, to us.
I shouldn't have but to try and reassure mysel…

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